ISE has been working with BPCS since its beginning in 1991 and Bruce Barker has been working with BPCS since 1987. ISE has a combined 50 years of experience working with BPCS including the very first release on the S/38 up through the latest release of ERPLX


With so many years of experience, ISE is well positioned to advise you on the best way to accomplish your BPCS related programming needs. We are capable of modifying BPCS itself including AS/SET, RPG generated from AS/SET and BPCS programs written directly in RPG. We can alter the way BPCS works without modifying BPCS through the use of triggers and we can write programs that interact with BPCS data in such a way that the BPCS programs perform as if the data had never been changed by a custom program.

ISE creates well structured code in any version of RPG that you prefer. We adhere to our customer’s standards and conventions so that our customers can support the systems we develop for them without any additional training of internal IT staff.


With many of our staff possessing a CPIM from the APICS organization, ISE can provide both the technical and functional support you need to solve daily BPCS problems. ISE has many small clients that have neither an internal technical staff nor Infor support, relying solely on ISE for all support of BPCS.


The combination of American and Indian development centers allows ISE to provide a very high quality of service, including American staff on site as needed, while charging a very competitive rate of $47 an hour for all BPCS services.