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Development Centers


ISE’s US development center is in Carmel, Indiana which is a northern suburb of Indianapolis. This office is staffed with functional/technical staff managing projects, developing specifications, and providing quality assurance. The staff from this office also travels to the client site for project kickoffs, design meetings, joint testing, go lives, or any other reason the client wants an ISE presence on site.


ISE has operated a development center in Bangalore since 2004. ISE performs all of the recruiting and training of the Bangalore staff. The Bangalore staff start their day at 6 AM and work at least until 3 PM Eastern Time. The fact that the US and Bangalore office work almost simultaneous hours allows for real time communication between both offices. This eliminates the waste associated with most India based operations. Owning our own development center in Bangalore and coupling the two development centers so tightly allows us to control the quality and provide a very high service level at a very competitive price.

The staff in the Bangalore office perform programming, analysis, and quality assurance. The ability to use a mix of American and Indian programmers allows us to customize the service for each client, adjusting the mix to provide the ideal service at a very competitive price.


ISE opened its Hyderabad Development Center in 2009. Having development centers in two cities in India improves ISE’s ability to recruit the best resources. Both the Bangalore and Hyderabad centers provide the same functions.