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ISE can meet any of your Java needs from simple Java SE utilities to complex Java EE web applications. If your organization makes heavy use of service-oriented architecture (SOA), ISE can optimize your sluggish SOAP services with MTOM. With Apache CXF, ISE can write new services from scratch that follow JAX-WS Java-to-WSDL specifications. Or if you prefer contract-first web services, ISE can developer a WSDL contract and generate a Java web service implementing that contract.

If you need a website, ISE can use the Spring Framework to write clean and maintainable code. ISE is literate with many W3C web standards such as HTML and CSS. If your web applications need dynamic views for user interaction, ISE can enrich your applications with JavaScript. For example, ISE can write a jQuery AJAX request to a RESTful service and consume a JSON response to display dynamic data to your users.

ISE will fit into your organization, regardless of the development environment. ISE uses a variety of build tools such as Ant, Maven, and Make. ISE can also use a variety of source control tools such as Git, CVS, SVN, Team Foundation, and Mercurial. Concerned about needing to deploy a JRE to run Java? ISE can build a self-contained windows executable with an embedded JRE so deployment is easy.