ISE primarily provides support and programming for ERP and EDI. SAP, BPCS, now called ERP LX, and Mapics (XA) are the most common ERP packages that ISE supports while Inovis, also called TrustedLink and Harbinger, and Gentran are the most common EDI packages that our customers run.

Our customers use ISE for total outsourcing, projects, on-demand support, or any situation where additional capacity is required. ISE’s very competitive rates make us no more expensive than internal staff and always the best value compared to other external alternatives.
Every IT manager knows that any company providing programming and/or support is one of many companies competing for your business. ISE differentiates our services in several ways.

As the owner of ISE, I am immediately available and personally responsible to all of my clients. Even though we have the size to offer total outsourcing, we provide the customer service level that can only be achieved when the owner of the company is one of your primary contacts.

ISE is significantly easier to use than our competitors. With an American staff of programmers who manage our projects and are available to come to your location as needed, you don’t have to struggle with language or cultural barriers to gain low cost. We also require no contracts, just use us on demand.

ISE’s rates are very competitive due to the fact that we own and operate our own development centers in both Bangalore and Hyderabad. The programmers in these development centers work directly with ISE’s American programmers. This unique business model allows us to deliver a very high quality service at a very competitive price.

Bruce Barker “I am so confident that you will be pleased with the services of ISE that I guarantee your satisfaction. If you are ever unhappy with our service or feel you are being charged too much, just pay whatever you feel is fair, even if that is zero, and I will accept your payment as payment in full.”

Bruce Barker – President