Service List


ISE has been supporting and writing custom programs for BPCS since its beginning in 1991. Bruce Barker has been working with BPCS since 1987. ISE has worked with every major release of BPCS. ISE is proficient in every version of RPG including ILE. ISE thoroughly understands AS/SET, and can even modify AS/SET generated RPG.


ISE has been programming in ABAP for more than 10 years. The areas that ISE routinely provides programming for are SD, MM, PP, and FI/CO but is capable of ABAP programming in any area. ISE is familiar with many types of output including SmartForms, SAPScript, ALV, interactive and list reports. ISE has written many interfaces using BDCs, IDOCs, batch input sessions, and LSMW. While these are the most common tools ISE works with, we have experience with too many tools to list.

Mapics (XA)

ISE has a thorough knowledge of Mapics and we use this knowledge to support our Mapics customers both functionally and technically. We also provide Power-Link and System-Link services as well.


ISE supports both versions of JDE (EnterpriseOne and World). For the EnterpriseOne version, not only does ISE have the typical technical skills like Forms Design, Report Design, BI Publisher but ISE also has many related skills such as T-SQL, web languages such as .NET(C, VB, etc) Java, JavaScript, and CSS, and EDI. For the World version, ISE has every iSeries skill from RPG (every version) to CGIDEV, and other techniques to get iSeries data into a browser efficiently.


ISE provides EDI support for several EDI packages including Gentran, TrustedLink/Inovis/Harbinger, and custom EDI packages. For many of ISE’s clients ISE is the entire EDI support team, working directly with the trading partners of our clients.


ISE has knowledge in many Java tools such as Ant, Maven, Git, and CVS. ISE capable of supporting any Java needs including complex Java EE web applications. ISE can also improve slow SOAP services with MTOM or write new services from scratch using JAX-WS Java-to-WSDL specifications, as well as many other Java services. .

RPG Programming

ISE has been programming in RPG since its beginning in 1991. ISE has a combined 50 years of experience with RPG programming including versions as old as RPG II to the very latest versions including free format and ILE.